Why Choose Timber Frame

What is Timber Frame

In Ireland the main form of timber frame construction is the open panel platform frame system, as its name implies, this method of building which relies on a timber frame as a basic means of structural support.

The panels are manufactured in a factory environment under strict quality practices and engineering terms. In brief in this system the inner load bearing layer of the house is constructed from engineered wooden panels made of lightweight softwood (2) from sustainable forests of Ireland, Canada and Scandinavia. These are stiffened or strengthened using sheathing panel (6) materials (including OSB or plywood), the frame is capable of supporting multi-storey and wide span structures and withstanding lateral loads including strong west of Irealnd winds and Atlantic gales.

During construction, the timber frame is covered internally by plasterboard (1) and filled with high performance, non-combustible insulation (5).

Breather membranes and vapour barriers are incorporated (4 & 7) and the outer leaf of the wall which can be of any standard finish such as stone, brick, render or timber completes the structure (9). The timber frame is supported /attached to the external wall using stainless steel braces (3). Roofs are also constructed in timber and are supported on the structural timber frame, internal load-bearing timber wall panels, and party wall frames. As seen in masonry construction a ventilated drainage cavity is paramount (8).

It is now not an uncommon sight to see throughout the country that the flexibility of design and layout of timber frame construction seen in the variety of buildings constructed.

Why Wood is Good


  1.  Wood is an ecologically friendly and renewable resource
  2. It teduces the effect of global warming as trees and wood products act as carbon sinks
  3. Wood biomass is a renewable source of green energy
  4. Forests provide significant amenity and leisure benefits
  5. Timber is a good sinsulator against the cold
  6. Wood is full of variety with different types of wood having different variations, character, colour and grain
  7. The versatility of wood can give great scope for architectural and engineering design
  8. Wood can be easily moulded and profiled
  9. Wood can be equally effective as a structure or as a light weight skin
  10. Wood has a high strength-to-weight ratio. Strength for strength, pine and spruce are 16 times lighter than steel and 5 times lighter than concrete
  11. The manufacture of wood products uses less energy than the manufacture of other man made products such as plastics etc.
  12. Wood is a reliable and predictable building material