Engineered Floor Joists

ATE design and manufacture Posi-Joist metal web joist system


Not only do these joists out perform sawn timber in span and dimensional stability, the added benefits of a greater bearing area and open web system make them easier to install for the carpenter, plumber and electrician, reducing valuable time and cost.


Benefits of Metal Web Joists:


Open Web Design

  • Allows for easier and more practical installation of services


Light Weight

  • Smaller timber sections and light weight metal webs means easier handling


Handling and Installation

  • A wide bearing provides speedy setting out and improved joist stability along with easier fixing of decking


Long-term stability

  • Significantly reduced shrinkage provides a quieter floor system


Reduced site wastage

  • Factory manufactured joists eliminates site alterations and wastage


Improved sound and vibration

  • Strongback insstallation greatly improves overall floor performance



  • Integrated software ensures accurate design and manufacture of Posi-joists